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Tree & Shrub Programs


Dormant Oil Treatment

Controls insects in their dormant state

Birch Minor Treatment

Controls minors prior to damaging trees

Spring Fertilizer

Balanced slow release fertilizer

Spring Insect & Disease Treatment

Controls early season insects and diseases

Summer Insect & Disease Treatments

Controls late season insects and diseases

Fall Fertilizer

Late season feeding promotes root growth and bud formation in the spring

Other Services


Slice Seeding

The process of slicing seed into soil for maximum germination

Core Aeration

This process loosens soil compaction and naturally thickens lawn

Organic Soil Booster

Enriches soil with organic matter for plant health and vigor

Flea & Tick Control

Controls populations

Perimeter Pest Control

Creates a border to prevent pests from moving in

Topsoil and Lawn Installation


Winter Protectant

Protects trees and shrubs against damage due to winter stress

Bed Weed Control

A pre and post emergent application to prevent weeds.

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